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Dellie Doli`le


January ? - Ever have one of those dreams, where you didn't want to wake up ..and then your alarm went off?
January ? - Falling out of bed is not a good way to start the day...
January ? - Today's Moral-- Brush Or Run!
March ? - 'I tink I need a bigger box...'
May ? - I'll never understand this game...
Mid June - Enhancements?
July to August 5th - From Moved to figuring out how to pack the 'Cream Puff' in 3 months
August/ Pennsic War - Was that the tent?
August/ Pennsic War - Watch out for flying Cheetahs.
October 14th - Surprise..surprise.
October 31st - What better day to Weave the Web of Life.. then Halloween, when the Veil between worlds is thinest? Early November - 'That Reminds me...'
New Years - Happy New Years, Folks.. Don't you just hate them?

Febuary 21st - ....Nyquil.. it's a wonderful thing, no?
May 13th Pt. 1 - No weirder day...
Chapter 2 Front Page - Chapter 2 Cover
May 13th Pt. 2 - "Is this some sort of sick Joke?!"
June 20th - Mokuba tries to figure out what Seto's thinking....
October 20th Pt1 - Dead Computer
October 20th Pt2 - Dellie asks Seto something..
October 31st Pt1 - Seto sees something startling....
October 31st Pt2 - Wow! Dellie as a Human!
October 31st Pt3 - Happy Halloween From Mythos, Inc!
October 31st pt4 - Segment End. Will Seto be seen again?
November 25th(?) - Happy ThanksGiving

January 8th - Happy Birthday Phin!!

September 4th - Good bye, Steve Irwin. You will be greatly missed.

Dellie Dolile BC!
Page 1 - Don't children have wonderful timeing??? (WARNING! MATURE/NC-17 RATING!!!)
Page 2 - Was that a bell?